06 February 2012

Caucus 2012 (the prequel)

Tomorrow are the Colorado Caucuses, occurring in various locations across the state.  Make sure to check out my guide to the 2012 caucus and share it with your friends and neighbors who have not attended a caucus before (or need to brush up).

Also, please consider becoming a State Delegate for Matt Arnold (candidate for CU Regent, At-Large) and if you're excited about his campaign, talk about it at your caucus (here are some talking points and flyers you can bring with).  It is important and it does make a difference.  You have the chance, as a delegate, to determine who goes on the ballot, in what order they are listed and potentially prevent a costly primary in many races (county commissioner, state house and senate, and of course, CU Regent, At-Large).  Please let Matt's campaign know if you did make State Delegate and comment about your caucus experience!

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