03 February 2012

Newt Gingrich

I don't know how Gingrich ended up being one of the two most attractive candidates in this race... by comparison, he's certainly one of the more Conservative since the beginning of the race.  But I do have two issues with him in particular...

I think everyone remembers the dreaded Nancy Pelosi-Global Warming advert (if not, watch it here).  I don't care so much about his views on global warming or climate change or whatever the PC-term-de-jour for it is.  What I'm worried more about is what he may try to do about it from a government standpoint.  It's not a government issue, and I would hope he'd keep the EPA and other entities' sticky fingers out of this one.

The second one is, you guessed it, his issues with fidelity.  Of course, I do believe that one can be redeemed and change, but at the same time, I've witnessed first hand how destructive that is to a family... and how irreparable that trust is once broken.  If we can't trust our elected officials, we shouldn't vote for them.  So this issue leaves me torn... I'm not sure if it's enough to vote against him if he becomes the nominee, but it doesn't sit well with me, either.

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