03 February 2012

Ron Paul

Anyone who knows me knows that I am, at my core, a huge Ronulan in that I agree with over 90% of what Ron Paul has to say (whether or not he could be or is the ideal candidate is a whole 'nother debate for another time--one that I am refraining from for 2012 because I have bigger fish to fry in Colorado).  So you should hopefully take it seriously when I say there are two problems with him that have me more than a little annoyed at the moment...

The first is his issue with earmarking spending.  Now, I understand the argument that you want to bring back tax money that went to the Fed from your district, but you can't seriously expect us to believe you're anti-earmark when you stick them in bills you know will pass so you can vote against it but still get the money for your district.  That's duplicitous and obnoxious.  I've yet to hear a good answer from his campaign about it.

The second is getting involved at all in the Federal Personhood Amendment deal.  You can't advocate passing a Federal Constitutional amendment to protect life beginning at conception, and then attempt to invoke the 14th Amendment and delegate the enforcement of that to the states.  Then you have 50 interpretations of what a Constitutional amendment means and it becomes disastrous.  Either you go for all or nothing on this one... going halfway is moronic.

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