24 June 2013

Introduction: Morality, the role of a political Party, tools, elections, loyalty... and the kitchen sink.

Wow, you never know what will blow up on Facebook.  I can post deep theological or political missives that get nary a glance, and then post baby pictures with 100+ likes (although, to be fair, my baby boy is adorable).  So when I recently shared my mom's decision to leave the Republican Party (no, she is not registered as a Democrat now, sheesh), I didn't really expect the comment extravaganza that ensued.

Then when I went to write a post about it, I found a post sitting in my drafts from back after the November election talking about almost exactly what I was going to say now.  Apparently there is nothing new under the sun.  I'll be stealing from that post and some of the comments today in order to clarify a few things over the next four posts, because I'm afraid if this is just one post, it'll ramble on for days and no one will want to or be able to read it.  These overarching topics are:
  1. Morality in politics (oh, this is a can of worms in and of itself, because I not only get to insult people politically but theologically...).
  2. What exactly is the role of a political Party, anyways?
  3. Political tools and how those affect elections.
  4. Party loyalty vs. loyalty to principle.

Strap in... it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Just so you can see what started this all, here is what my mom had to say:
"I just changed my political party affiliation. It's been a long time coming.

Some will try to suggest that it has to do with what happened to my daughter in El Paso County. But people who try to do my thinking for me and try to suppose what is in my mind and heart are usually wrong.

While what happened with Sarah was unpleasant, it is only indicative of the larger picture, which is much more important.

For me, there are two major reasons for the change. One, my understanding of the two kingdoms and how that should play out. And two, my utter disgust of the current two-party system which look to their own needs first. Where are the patriots of yesteryear? Where are the civil servants who serve the needs of their constituents? Where are the people of principle, valor, steadfastness of character, and courage, and above all, liberty-minded?

Why do we think as a society that every aspect of our lives much be governed? The electorate must assume responsibility for continually electing people who don't hold to their pledge to support, protect and defend the Constitution.

For my children, and my children's children, only those who are liberty-minded and Constitutionally grounded will earn my vote."

The simple comment I tacked on when posting it on Facebook was this:
"Those running this fall and next, you've got your work cut out for you. More and more people are getting fed up with the hypocrisy in both Parties and won't be voting a straight Party ticket any longer."

Confession time (and I've said this before on Facebook): I've never voted a straight Republican ticket.  They haven't earned it.  And most people in Colorado, including the OGREs (Old Guard Republican Establishment, for those of you unfamiliar with that awesome term) would be utter liars if they said they never voted for anyone but a Republican.  I would bet you serious money that most didn't vote for Dan Maes in 2010.

Over the next week or so as I have time, look for the next four posts.

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