10 August 2013

Opinion: The Libertarian Party, a lawsuit, and the Liberty Movement's "Mike Rosens"

Earlier this week, the Libertarian Party in Colorado (among other parties) sued the Secretary of State over Constitutional violations regarding the recall elections in State Senate Districts 3 and 11.

It is stunning to me that so many “liberty” friends of mine immediately saw “Libertarian Party” and went all Mike Rosen on me.  Are you kidding?  You’re really going to blame Libertarians for wanting to uphold the rule of law, the Constitution, and (most importantly) ensuring the integrity of one of the most important elections to ever happen in Colorado simply because it is the Libertarian Party?  Wow.  I would put money on it that if a Republican had filed this suit, the response would be drastically different.

Let me lay out why this is vitally important.  The ramifications of this suit go way beyond the recall election from what I’ve seen.  Those who are thinking only of the recall election have fallen victim to the GOP Establishment syndrome of tunnel vision focus on just the election directly in front of you.

This past legislative session, Democrats passed HB13-1303.  This is a comprehensive “reform” of election law that has become known as the “same day voter registration bill”—but it goes far beyond just same day registration.

Additionally, this bill (the Senate sponsor was none other than Sen. Angela Giron) changed the playing field for recall elections… WHILE THE SPONSOR WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A RECALL ELECTION.  Why is there not more outrage over this fact?

If HB13-1303 is fully implemented, no liberty-minded person will win statewide elected office in the near, and probably distant, future.  We have a real opportunity to stop it in its tracks now with the suit, something only the Libertarian Party had the balls to put forth.  No Republican had the spine for it, and for that reason alone, perhaps it’s good that we keep losing.  We certainly deserve to keep losing if that is the case.

We will find out this coming Monday, 12 August, if this suit is successful.  If it is, and this election becomes a polling-place only election, we have a great opportunity to see the effects of HB13-1303 up close and in detail.  We will have the ability to truly monitor this election and document the inevitable fraud that will occur.  If we do not do it now, we must wait until November 2014 to do this (as November 2013 will be a mail ballot only election) and the Democrats will be able to overwhelm poll watchers and election judges with massive fraud (remember 2012?).

Here’s what is at stake in November 2014:
  •      The Governor’s Mansion
  •      Secretary of State (anyone remember George Soros’ pet project to control “who counts the votes?”)
  •      Attorney General (who will defend our rights and laws?)
  •      Treasurer (who will hold the PERA Board accountable?)
  •      U.S. Senate (what should be a winnable seat)
  •      Congressional District 6, the most competitive Congressional District in the country
  •      Control of the Colorado State Senate

Now, granted, due to other factors, I’m unconvinced that we win (or in the case of CD6, retain) any of these but the last one, but I would be willing to wager plenty that there is absolutely no way to win if we don’t derail HB13-1303 RIGHT NOW.

And yes, there certainly is no guarantee we win this recall at a polling-place only election.  But if those mail ballots go out, there is a much greater chance for fraud, and a much greater chance we lose.  The day those mail ballots are received is the day this election will be determined.  Lazy, uninformed voters are much more likely to vote in the “convenience” of their home (or worse, let someone else vote for them) than if they are required to show up at a polling place.  That gives us a distinct advantage that would take a lot of busing in from elsewhere and commission of more open—and detectable—voter fraud to overcome.

Let’s be honest—the Democrats aren’t stupid.  They likely already knew about this Constitutional conflict, and have this as their “Plan B” if (when) the recall election doesn’t goes their way.  This card can no longer be played by the Democrat once it has been ruled on by a court.

How do we, as liberty-loving political junkies, lose in any way for being seen to stand up for the Constitution, the rule of law, fair ballot access for all, and election integrity?  I guess some of you so called liberty-lovers don’t really believe in liberty for all if you oppose this then, do you?  It’s incredibly short-sighted.  Just like the GOP has “OGRE”s, it seems the liberty movement has “Mike Rosens”.  And that is, perhaps, the most disappointing thing of all.

Read the Press Release from the Libertarian Party here.  Read analysis of this case here.  Comments on the Clear the Bench Colorado article discuss the ramifications of this on military voters.  A simple Google search brings up a number of news articles as well.  

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