17 June 2014

The 'Right' Republicans Initiative (Primary 2014)

Check out my latest page, as part of the 'Right' Republicans Initiative for the 2014 Primary!  Here you will find analysis of each contest race: Statewide, Congressional, and Legislative.  There are three county races included as well.  Most include a recommendation--some I don't know enough about either the people or the race to make a solid endorsement one way or the other.

Here's a quick summary if you don't want to read all the commentary:

Governor: Tom Tancredo
Congressional District 1: no recommendation
Congressional District 3: David Cox
State Board of Education, Congressional District 3: Barbara Ann Smith
Congressional District 4: Scott Renfroe
Congressional District 5: Doug Lamborn
Senate District 19: Laura Woods
Senate District 22: Mario Nicolais
House District 15: no recommendation
House District 20: no recommendation
House District 22: Justin Everett
House District 26: Chuck McConnell
House District 37: no recommendation
House District 46: Brian Mater
House District 55: Dan Thurlow
House District 63: Lori Saine
Adams County Sheriff: Mike McIntosh
Jefferson County Sheriff: Jim Shires
Mesa County Sheriff: John Pennington

Please join in the conversation and comment on the post--agree or disagree (especially if I missed a race you think should be mentioned!).  Sharing is also appreciated.

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