05 September 2014

By the Numbers: a new series

It seems almost everyone in politics wants to know what the latest poll says, but elections are not determined by polls.  In point of fact, I find polls to be largely irrelevant to the outcome of an election.  If you want polls, you’re in the wrong place. Most races I’m discussing don’t have polling data, and those that do are easily accessible via Google if you so desire.

This series is a look at some of the numbers that are part of the 2014 election in Colorado, from County-Wide to Federal Races. Some are just interesting statistics that I have found, others are good measures of how races will likely turn out in November.

This is an 8 part series, with new charts and graphs every Monday and Thursday for two and a half weeks. The Thursday and Monday following the last chart post will include some analysis, and the final Thursday in the series will have my 2014 election predictions.

Sometime during this series as well, I'll have an updated methodology post, discussing lessons learned in the 2012 predictions and how I think 2014 will be even better.  Also, look for the 2014 General Election Right Republicans Initiative post.  Those are the candidates I like and think you should support, not necessarily ones I think will win (although sometimes they will).

Check back frequently for updates!

Schedule for BTN Series Posts

  • Monday September 8 – County-wide Races
  • Thursday September 11 – Federal Races
  • Monday September 15 – State House Races
  • Thursday September 18 – State Senate Races
  • Monday September 22 – Statewide Races
  • Thursday September 25 – Federal and Statewide Analysis
  • Monday September 29 – State Legislative Analysis
  • Thursday October 2 – 2014 Election Predictions

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