08 September 2014

By the Numbers Part 1: County-wide Offices

Because of the number and variety of races for county-wide office in Colorado, no financial information is included at this time.  If I have the opportunity to look at that before the election, I may edit that information in here, but it might be too disparate with which to make good comparisons.

There are 392 total races for offices across 62 counties (Broomfield and Denver are city-counties and do not have elections like other counties).  The average number of races per county is 6.  5 races per county is the least, and 8 the most (Chart 1).
Chart 1

Of the 62 counties, 28 counties have Republican candidates in every single race, while only 9 counties have Democratic candidates in every single race.  There are just 4 counties with no Republican candidates at all, but there are 12 counties with no Democratic candidates at all.  9 counties have a mix of Republicans and Democrats running for different numbers of offices each. (Chart 2)
Chart 2

Below are counties with only Republican/Democratic candidates running. (Chart 3)
Chart 3

Of 392 races, 195 Republicans are running entirely unopposed by anyone of any Party.  64 Democratic candidates are unopposed, and 7 Unaffiliated Candidates are entirely unopposed.  34 more races are Republican candidates with no Democratic opposition, and 20 races are Democratic candidates with no Republican opposition. (Chart 4)
Chart 4

Of 526 total candidates, 306 are Republicans, 166 are Democratic, 44 are Unaffiliated, and 10 are other parties (American Constitution Party, Green, and Libertarian). (Chart 4)

Chart 5

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