09 November 2016

2016 Election Aftermath (short post)

...is it too early to say "I told you so" again?

Quick debrief, with more later:

Federal races: 8/8 called, 1 toss-up (no call)
CU Regent: 2/2 called, 1 toss-up (leans D, wrong)
Board of Ed: 3/3 called
State Senate: 16/17 called, 1 toss-up (leans R, right)
State House: 65/65 called

In other words, 99% right.

And bonus:
Judicial Districts: 21/22 called

If you factor these in, it's a paltry 98%.  Bugger.

For those of you looking at what I got wrong, that was SD25, JD9, and CU Regent at-large (although that was called a toss-up, so it's not factoring into the calculation).

The amendments, sadly, went about as I expected.

Once again, Colorado loses big time.  And once again, I'm hardly surprised by this.

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